The Konkan is a section of the western coastline of India from Raigad to Mangalore. It is one of amongst favorite spots for tourists. Konkan Division is also one of six administrative sub-divisions of the state of Maharashtra, comprising its coastal districts. The Sahyadri Mountain range or the Western Ghats forms the eastern boundary of the Konkan, and the Arabian Sea marks the western boundary.


From June to September is a Monsoon season. July and August are quite rainy and typically the wettest months of the year. During monsoon konkan looks attractive. October to February, the temperatures are a bit milder with less humid conditions. Day temperatures are moderate with cool nights (15°C); average temperatures between 20°C to 25°C. Summer, March to June, hot and humid climate. Hottest month is usually April. Average temperatures for the summer season are between 32°C to 40°C.

People & Culture

Residents of Konkan and their descendants are called Kokanastha. Their love for celebration is deeply rooted in their culture and it finds its expression through the various festivals celebrated throughout the year. They depend mainly upon farming & fishing for their livelihood. The areas of Devgad, Dapoli and Ratnagiri are famous for its Alphonso mangoes. Marathi is the main language of Konkan region though dialect, pronunciation style, vocabulary and tone is different in each region. Malavani is the most spoken language in Sindhudurga district.