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Asud is a small neighborhood village to Dapoli - situated on Dapoli Harnai road. Travelers can stay in rented house in Asud


Shree Keshavraj temple - is located on a hilltop surrounded with lush green land and a beautiful water stream. Take a 15 minute trek through coconut, jackfruit, mango and cashew trees to reach the temple from highway. The natural water stream originates at the hill top and flows down to the front of the temple supplying water to the Gomukh throughout the year. The surroundings are calm and perfect spot for shooting exotic birds.

Shree Vyaghreshwar temple - is a very old temple (about 1000 yrs). It lies on the riverbank. Temple has Hemadpanthi style architecture. A congregation hall leads to the Gabhara which houses a Swayambhu Shivling. The canopy outside is supported on wooden carved pillars. A large sculpture of Nandi stands in front. The platform of this temple has sculptures of dancers. You will also see a small temple of Kalbhairav.


How to reach

Asud is about 10 km long from Dapoli. State Transport (ST) buses run between Dapoli and Asud. You can also opt for auto rickshaw OR jeeps. But best is drive yourself down.

- From Dapoli take Harnai highway
- At Gimhavane phata take right towards Shri Keshvraj Temple to reach Asud