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Beach, Temple
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Anytime in the year


Kelshi is a very small village in Ratnagiri district. Kelshikars celebrate together number of festivals in calendar year such as Ram Navami, Holi, Gopal kala and very famous Mahalakshmi Yatra.


Mahalakshmi Temple, Yaqub Baba Dargah, Sand Dune and long clear beach are the main attractions of Kelshi. Every year on Chaitra Shuddha Pratipada (चैत्र शुद्ध प्रतिपदा) through Pournima (पौर्णिमा) Kelshikars celebrate the Mahalakshmi Yatra for 5 days. This is the event to watch.

Yaqub Baba Dargah is located at southern side of Kelshi and near the Mahalakshmi temple. This Dargah was built by Raje Shivaji in 1600 century. Natuarlly formed Sand Dune called as Walucha Dongar in Marathi is at the northern part of Kelshi. As per the historical records and evendences the said Sand Dune is actually a result of Tsunami hit which was formed around the time of Vasco da Gama's visit to India somewhere in 15th century.


How to reach

From Mangaon on Bombay Goa highway 10 km towards Goa take the right turn at Lonere Phata for the road towards Shriwardhan.