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Beach, Temple
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Winter, Summer


Kunkeshwar is a village in Taluka Deogad. Southwards along the coast, beyond the creek at Mumbri, is a lovely walk all along the rocky slopes. It ends at the temple of Kunkeshwar, a lonely stretch of sand that simply sparkles in the sunlight.

You can approach this temple by the road that branches off at Jamsande. The drive has a grand finale when you near the temple and the panorama of undulating fields and swaying palms against the backdrop of a deep blue ocean unfolds beyond your windscreen.


Kunkeshwar is very famous for the ancient temple of Shri. Dev Kunakeshwar. Every year on the occasion of Mahashivaratri, there is a big fair. Many devotees make it a point to attend this yearly celebration. Vast number of Chakarmani arrive at their native place to seek blessing of their loved deity.

This beautiful temple is situated on a hill. Its architecture is really alluring, some what remainisant of South Indian architecture. 5 Km. long white sand beach is an added attraction. Kunakeshwar is a vigilant deity. As far as natural beauty is concerned, Mother Nature has been very generous towards this land. Large number of mango and coconut trees prove this. Alphonso Mango is big speciality, cherished all over the world.

Kunakeshwar Beach:
In 1100 A. D. Yadav Kings built this temple. This temple has seen a long canvas of past and present. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was a frequent visitor. He had given special attention for reconstruction / rejuvanation of temple, Other small temples have been accommodated in the same area. Some historial references dates back to 1460 A. D. There is one more charcteristic a tourist can observe is that there are many Shiva – lingas on the rocks found on the beach.

Kunkeshwar's Cave:
In the vicinity of temple, exactly speaking at the eastern side there is cave, consisting idols of male and female warriors carved in back rock. One can find there Ganesh idol too. In the centre there is Shiva – Linga and Nandi.

Kunkeshwar is also renowned for its coconut, palm and mango plantations and a variety of seafood.


It is famous, both as a picturesque holiday resort and a religious place. The elaborately carved Kunkeshwar Temple was built around 1100 AD, by the Yadava rulers. Visited frequently by Shivaji, the temple is considered as a fine example of contemporary sculpture.

How to reach

By Road : From Mumbai 453 kms.
By Rail : Near Railway Station Nandgaon.
By Air : Mumbai, Belgaon, Goa