Ratnagiri is the biggest district of Konkan region. In 1981 Ratnagiri district got divided and the new district of Sindhudurg was created.

Ratnagiri district was under the rule of the Mauryas, the Nalas, the Silaharas, the Chalukyas, the Kadambas, the Portuguese, the Marathas and subsequently the British.

In 1948 the independent princely state of Sawantwadi was merged with the Indian union and in 1956 with Bombay Province, thus becoming part of Ratnagiri district. In 1960 with the creation of Maharashtra, Ratnagiri became a district of that state. Ratna in Marathi Means-Jewel And Giri Means Mountains. Litrally Ratnagiri Means Mountain Of Jewels as this District has produced jewels like Dr. Ambedkar, Lokmanya Tilak, V.D. Sawarkar, Baba Phatak, Sane Guruji, Hutatma Anant Kanhere and many more.